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Stainless Steel Tea Pipe Infuser


Make the perfect cup of tea with this high quality tea infuser! This compact design allows enough space for infusing your favorite tea and can easily hang on the mug. It also has small holes to prevent tea leaves from leaking out of the infuser. This tea infuser is dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended.


    1. Twist the handle and remove the cap of the infuser to open.
    2. Put your favorite tea into the tube.
    3. Replace cap on the infuser to close completely. 
    4. Put the infuser into your cup, then pour hot water, and steep tea for the allotted time. 1 teaspoon of tea leaves makes 1 cup of tea.
    5. Lift the infuser out of the cup and enjoy your tea!
    6. Rinse infuser with water after use. Handwashing is recommended.

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