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Healing Herbs In Your Backyard

I've recently taken an interest in wild crafting and foraging. I remember reading about the healing properties of various herbs, thinking they were found in some "magical forest", lol. I was paying an arm and a leg for them, not knowing that they were right under my nose! Here's some healing herbs I found in my walk today.

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How to Incorporate Herbal Teas Daily

My parents growing up in Jamaica, the leaves, flowers, barks and roots were their first medicines. I remember them fondly recall different herbs and natural remedies their parents and grandparents would give them for an annual “wash out” or to help ward off an illness. Back then, people had a much stronger connection to the earth and what it yielded. Knowledge of when different plants and herbs were available throughout the seasons were commonplace. Brewing a cup of “bush” tea (a herbal tea made with various herbs), instilled nostalgia as my father would recount what herbal blends my grandparents would drink often. (Soursop fruit and tree, St. Thomas, Jamaica) This knowledge they passed down to me. I remember going to my Father’s...

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